Thursday, 14 April 2011

My Work

I Created my own head in last semester in 3D class, and I choose it as one of the peaces of work for Web and Exhibition.

l Project: Virtual Environments
l My work: Head-modelling
l Software: 3d Max

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  1. Hi Karim,

    Just a reminder for you to upload the rest of your images (still missing 2) and also to write down the description for the each of them:

    Each of the images have to include a description covering the following points:

    Name of the Project:
    Brief of the Project:
    Description of the conceptual and technical process you went through the design:

    Images and descriptions have to be sent to website team (send them directly to Arnas) and also to the Design team (send them to Kevin Kempton: to include in your exhition board.

    I urgently need you to upload your business card and CV so I can have a look at it and get that sorted. You will need to print your business cards (around 50)to put at the end of the exhibition and let people take some information about you and your work.

    Remember that this exhibition and your personal branding is to promote yourself and your work! So don't miss the opportunity and get your personal branding ready.

    Also, I'm expecting you to have a portfolio (printed version) so you will need to decide FIRST CV and business card design (that includes: graphic elements, palette of colours and typo styles you will be using)so you can use same elements throughout the portfolio.

    Please ensure to do this for this week so I can have a look and help you.