Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My Picture

In this week Mariana said to me that we have take a picture of our self. the picture's backgournd it should be Black.
This is my picture that I took. thats not perfect But i think its acceptable. ;)

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  1. Hi Karim,

    Just as a reminder:

    I really need to crack on your personal branding. Don't leave it to the end because this will be a good opportunity to promote yourself. Remember that in the opening night different companies and people are expected to arrive to see your work and do networking. Be sure to have a CV, business card and portfolio that are worth to look and keep.
    Create personal branding that promotes yourself and your work. If you want to achieve this you will have to make some visual research (to give you ideas, to inspire you), some research in regards to psychology of colour (please find some notes in relationship to this in your VLE) and some research in typos and new design typos that are out there. All this will support you for your personal branding in order to make it striking, memorable but, more importantly to represent who you are, what you like and your talents.
    Be sure to include all this research in your sketchbook and to describe the creative process.

    Also, ensure to send Arnas this week the description of the three projects for the website (that will be also used in your personal board for the exhibition) with a brief explanation covering the following points:

    Name of Project:
    Explanation of creative process and technical tools (programs used).

    Let me know if you need anything else.

    Hope to see you soon,